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CD-ROM: Aston Martin Heritage Trust promotional film 'Preserving the Legacy', 2013.


CD-ROM of AMHT film 'Preserving the Legacy'. An introduction to the work of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust. Produced by the Hull School of Art and Design. 14 Minute running time. Made during 2013, at the Barn and at events including the Centenary celebration in Kensington Palace Gardens, London.The AMHT committee charged with making this film/video was the then Communications group - Jon Radgick, Richard Loveys and Terry Farebrother. Starring for the AMHT are Donna Bannister, Roger Carey and Claudia Raiti. When completed and edited, Richard and Terry drove up to Hull to receive the finished article from the Tutor and students who made it.
The purpose of the video was to explain why the AMHT exists and what it does to preserve the heritage of Aston Martin Lagonda.

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