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2011 Aston Martin Dealer showroom loop DVD


One-77 (2010)
DBS Coupe
Rapide (2010-2013)
Virage Coupe
V8 Vantage Coupe 4.7 (2008-2018)
V12 Vantage
Cygnet (2011 - 2013)


2011 Aston Martin Dealer showroom loop DVD. Features One-77, Zagato at Nurburgring 24hr, DBS, Rapide in Valencia, Virage at Ascari, V12 Vantage , V8 Vantage, Cygnet, Le Mans 2009, a factory tour and the Royal Wedding (Prince William to Katharine Hamilton). Prince Charles' Aston Martin Volante was driven by Wlliam from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House after the ceremony, creating a great photo opportunity for the young couple and the Press and spectators.

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