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VHS tape of five TV news broadcasts on the relocation of Aston Martin production to Gaydon (made 2002).


Aston Martin Factory, Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell


VHS tape of five news broadcasts on the relocation of production to Gaydon, all broadcast on the 25th of Feb, 2002;
1 - Short summary broadcast from the BBC South Today lunchtime news
2 - Short summary from ITV Central News early evening
3 - Medium piece from BBC West Midlands, has an interview with Tim Watson from AML
4 - Long piece from ITV Anglia News focusing on the impact on Newport Pagnell. Has an interview with Tim Watson from AML, vox pops with locals in the town, as well as Andy Bell from Ecurie Bertelli
5 - Medium piece from BBC Look East reusing the Tim watson BBC interview seen in number 3. Give a more positive spin on the growth plans.
VHS was complied for AML by Parker Bishop. Inside the sleeve is a printed order form with the program details

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