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VHS tape of a history of the Aston Martin DBR4, produced for Marsh Plant, 1981.




Salvadori, Roy Francesco
Marsh, Geoffrey


VHS tape of a history of the DBR4, produced for Marsh Plant by John Tate. Narrated by Roy Salvadori. Large quantity of period colour film of the 1959 F1 campaign, all must be Aston filmed as they are all from the Aston pits and include testing at Goodwood; Dutch Grand Prix; the Silverstone TT; British Grand Prix at Aintree; Portugese Grand Prix; Italian grand Prix at Monza. Then jumps to 1980/81 with Geoffrey Marsh driving at various races including the 1981 Horsfall, as well as a demo of salvadori and Moss driving DBR1 and DBR4.
Unboxed with stickers from Colour Video Service and the title 'Aston Martin Formula One'. Also a sticker 'K.R-F.' denoting Kingsley Riding -Felce as the receiptiant/ owner

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