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Colour print of a series of drawings by John Evans of Aston Martin DB2s competing at Le Mans.


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VMF 64
VMF 65
VMF 63
XMC 76


Colour print of a series of drawings by John Evans of DB2s at Le Mans.
Gifted by John Evans to Kingsley Riding-Felce.
Very much a composite picture, detailing particular Aston Martins which are either cars based on the 2 litre Sports model, or on the DB2. The period covered is 1949-1951, with more recent pictures of the relevant cars included.
Here is a summary of Aston Martin participation at Le Mans in 1949-1951:

Le Mans 1949.
UMC 64 (LMA/49/1). Race No.28.Co-drivers Mathieson and Pierre Marechal. Marechal was killed late in the race. The car was broken up or written off subsequently.
UMC 65. (LMA/49/2). Race No.27. Co-drivers Jones and Haines. Finished 7th overall and 3rd in Class.A splendid achievement for a private entrant and not much remembered nowadays, being understandably overshadowed by Marechal's accident.
UMC 66. (LML/49/3). Race No.19 (see Evan's picture, bottom right). Co-drivers Johnson and Brackenbury. Retired, having lost water.
Three private entrants also took part, two of them having to retire.They have been largely forgotten but should be recorded.
2 Litre Sports ("DB1"). Race No.29. Co-drivers Robert Lawrie and Richard W Parker. Finished 10th overall.
Speed Model. Race No.30.Co-drivers Peter Monkhouse and Ernest Stapleton. Did Not Finish.
Speed Model. Race No.31.Co-drivers Anthony Heal and Dudley Folland. Did Not Finish (engine).

Le Mans 1950.
UMC 66 (LML/49/3)/ Race No.20. Co-drivers Eric Thompson and John Gordon. Retired on lap 8 with a broken crank.
VMF 65. (LML/50/9) Crashed on the way to Le Mans. Eric Fairman. Subsequently repaired with chassis LML/50/24.
VMF 63. (LML/50/7). Race No.21.Co-drivers Reg Parnell and Charles Brackenbury. finished 6th overall and 2nd in class.
VMF 64. (LML/50/8). Race No.19.Co-drivers George Abecassis and Lance Macklin. Finished 5th overall and 1st on Index and in Class.

Le Mans 1951
VMF 64 (LML/50/8). Race No.26. Co-drivers Lance Macklin and Eric Thompson. Finished 3rd overall, 1st in Class, 4th on Index.
XMC 76 (LML/50/50). Race No.24. Co-drivers Reg Parnell and David Hampshire. Finished 7th overall and 3rd in Class.
XMC 77 (LML/50/55). Race No.25. Co-drivers George Abecassis and Brian Shawe-Taylor.Finished 5th overall and 2nd in Class.
It is worth recording that there were two other entries for this Le Mans, both privately entered (although it is likely that the works gave considerable support to them - see AMHT:2019/859 for a photo taken at Feltham of the private entrants before they left for Le Mans).
MKC 306 (LML/50/57). Race No.27. Co-drivers Peter Clark and James Scott-Douglas. Finished 13th overall and 6th in Class.
PPJ 2 (LML/50/59). Race No.28. Co-drivers Nigel Mann and Mort Morris-Goodall. Finished 10th overall and 5th in Class.
In addition, Maurice Falkner took a third DB2 over as Reserve Driver (but did not race). The third car was LXY 703 (LML/50/64).

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