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Documents Relating to Barry Weir's Participation in the 'Around the World in 80 days Challenge' 2000 - folder - General Trip Organisation


DB2/4 Saloon




690 YBF


Weir, Barry
Brons, Ronald
May, Tom


Documents Relating to Barry Weir's Participation in the 'Around the World in 80 days Challenge' 2000 - folder - General Trip Organisation
40 wallets containing;
-Letter dated 28/01/1999 from Pat Anderson on Tulip Rally Prep
- Letter dated 10/06/1998 from Pat Anderson. 3 pages (over two wallets) specifying what is needed on car. Suggests not using the Aston Martin but a London Taxi
- Letter dated 23/11/1998 from Pat Anderson Compliments on approach and wishing BW luck
- Letter dated 05/06/1998 from Pat Anderson. Initial letter following AMOC article putting self forward as co-driver
- Letter dated 02/02/1999 from a ‘Matthew’ on 1st Queens Dragoon Guards letter head about being co-driver but needs sponsorship
- Letter dated 28/01/1999 from Pat Anderson to Jan ten Cate on Tulip Rally Prep
- Letter dated 05/03/1999 from Pat Anderson to BW on Round the world and Tulip Rally first
- 5 Wallets Biography of Jonathan Wood, Motoring journalist/ historian
- Letter dated 09/03/1999 from Clive Simpson, Simpson Communications, on support offered in marketing the event (Two wallets
- Letter dated 08/03/1999 to BW from Jonathan Wood on writing up the experience
- Letter dated 16/03/1999 BW to Jonathan Wood. Typing up ‘Diary’
- Letter date 16/03/1999 BW to Clive Simpson agreeing to terms in letter of the 9th
- Email dated 16/03/1999 from Jan ten Cate to BW confirming entry to the ‘Astonishing Astons’ team, Ronald Brons, Barry’s eventual co-driver, was supporting Jan in a DB5.
- Quote from Simpson Communication for the car information brochure
- Signed off proof of the Rally Logo
- Letter dated 24/04/1999 from BW to Ronald Brons inviting him to take part (for fee of £30,000)
- 5 pages of address label masters
- Colour Logo proofs
- Photocopy of Am Magazine, Spring 1994 article on entering a DB2 in to La Carrera Panamericana
- Information from Aston Martin Club Racing on corporate hospitality
- Letter dated 27/04/1999 from John Fenwick to BW about using image of car on front of AM News
- Copy of fax from Clive Simpson to Harry Carlton (AML Press) asking for approval of logo
- Logo proofs
- Letter dated 05/05/1999 BW to Derek Harden, Castrol UK regarding sponsorship
- Letter dated 07/07/1999 BW to Ronald Brons confirming him as co-driver
- Order form for map books
- Invoice from Simpson Communications
- Invoice from PCL corporate wear for jackets
- Order form for additional set of map books

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